June 3, 2023
Local gov’ts should allocate budget for stunting, poverty: Minister – ANTARA News

Local gov’ts should allocate budget for stunting, poverty: Minister – ANTARA News

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy appealed to regional governments to allocate an amount in the regional budget (APBD) for the handling of stunting and extreme poverty.

“Regional governments should allocate APBD for two national priority programs, namely stunting reduction and eradication of extreme poverty,” the minister noted in his statement here on Tuesday.

Effendy pushed regional governments to bolster synergy to optimize stunting reduction and extreme poverty eradication programs.

Moreover, he urged regional governments to validate extreme poverty data based on the Targeting for the Acceleration of Extreme Poverty Eradication (P3KE) data in each region.

“This includes the data of poor people that have not received National Health Insurance (JKN), so that they can be registered soon. This is to guarantee health assistance for people, who need it,” he added.

The minister also highlighted that the active role of regional governments is the main key in the handling of stunting and extreme poverty.

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Effendy noted that his ministry continues to coordinate with regional governments, ministries, and agencies through a virtual roadshow to accelerate stunting and extreme poverty handling programs.

“Virtual Stunting Reduction and Extreme Poverty Eradication Acceleration Roadshow continues to be carried out gradually by targeting all regional governments in Indonesia, starting from the provincial government to district and city governments,” he remarked.

Indonesia’s stunting prevalence in 2022 declined by 2.8 percentage points to 21.6 percent, from 24.4 percent in 2021, based on the 2022 Indonesian Nutritional Status Survey (SSGI). Meanwhile, the Indonesian government is aiming to reduce stunting prevalence to 14 percent by 2024.

In addition, the government is aiming to reduce the extreme poverty rate, from four percent, or 10.86 million people, in 2021 to zero percent by 2024. 

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