June 3, 2023
Some 20 thousand charging stations required for 400 thousand EVs – ANTARA News

Some 20 thousand charging stations required for 400 thousand EVs – ANTARA News

Jakarta (ANTARA) – As many as 20 thousand charging stations should be provided to achieve the national target of 400 thousand electric vehicles (EVs), Presidential Special Staff Diaz Faisal Malik Hendropriyono stated.

“In order to achieve the target to create a suitable ecosystem for EVs, the government strives to continue the work on infrastructure required to facilitate EVs’ owners,” Hendropriyono noted at the Cilandak Townsquare, Jakarta, Friday.

He expressed optimism that the government and other parties would jointly work on the development of EV infrastructure. Companies are expected to participate in the process of constructing the facilities, he affirmed.

“It would be better if business actors can partake in the government’s efforts to build the EVs’ infrastructure. This, in turn, will help achieve the government’s target,” he stated.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources had announced the national target to acquire 400 thousand EVs by 2025. For two-wheeled EVs, the government has stipulated an even higher target of 1.7 million units of EVs.

Furthermore, the government has provided assistance, in the form of subsidies, to attract the public to opt for EVs as their vehicles of choice.

Hendropriyono believes that the subsidy will help create the ecosystem required for EVs in Indonesia. However, the government is still facing several challenges, including the prices that are still stuck at a high level, he pointed out.

“This matter is reasonable in nature. I am convinced that the prices will be more affordable once the EVs are mass-produced,” he noted.

The government’s resolve to divert the trend from conventional vehicles to EVs reflects its commitment to preventing the nation from being dependent on fossil-based fuel.

The efforts align with Presidential Regulation No. 55 of 2019 concerning the acceleration of battery-based EVs program that outlines the government’s determination to increase energy efficiency and resilience as well as energy conservation in the transportation sector.

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